Grand Theft Auto V for pc in 2014

Grand Theft Auto V will appear in a few months for the PC, as the euro gamer website reported, citing several industry insider sources. The latest title from Rockstar Games, has grossed over $ 800 million on the first day and has now set 7 world records due to its success , should in the first quarter – that is, in the first three months – the next year in a version for the PC on the market come . For Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 GTA 5 is available since 17th September.

GTA 5 PC Release : Grand Theft Auto V is coming out in 2014 for the computer.
Grand Theft Auto V , the latest title from Rockstar Games , is to appear in the first quarter of 2014 for the PC. GTA V so far is only for Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 for sale.

If ever a PC version of GTA V is planned to Dato Rockstar Games has not been officially confirmed . Also editions of the game for the Xbox or PlayStation 4 One of the manufacturers has yet revealed any concrete information . On his website, it is so far : “We currently have nothing to say about a possible PC or next-gen version.”

Due to the uncertainty many PC gamers have even launched a petition launched to prompt Rockstar Games to release the game for these platforms. The petition currently signed nearly 600,000 fans.

However, the rumors circulating for some time through the network , that references to a PC , and PS4 – output were found in the source code of the game. And last year Rockstar had finally released a PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV . It was not until eight months after the console versions on sale . It would therefore be no surprise if GTA V will appear again for the PC.

Going down as fun for South city


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Whenever I say immediately: Well, I think these people terribly stupid. Nothing will ever be as before and nothing can be better because the decision on a snap. What appears to some shitty looks very good to others, to do with! If I have seen the evolution of the series, nothing prevents me from enjoying because well … Everything is the same Messages, humor, cynicism extraordinary, irreplaceable base … and another to ensure a season, and believe me, it will insure.

On the feast of the meteor shower, Stan is locked in a room with a group of children from school geeks, which begin to be important to him, while the ATF appears at the party, believing that it is a suicide cult and lose all her life with the arrival of meteorites. Meanwhile, Randy is uncomfortable because earlier they shared a bathtub together.